27 MAY 2017

Dear all!

The 2017 edition of the German Schools Debating Championship will take place in Stuttgart region from

23rd-25th of JUNE (FRI-SUN) 2017


Follow this link to register or finalise registration if you have pre-registered. 

MOTIONS for Rds 1,2 and SF: 

SL prepared motion: TH would introduce a maximum wage an individual can earn

JL prepared motion: THBT all students should be required to perform one year of community service



Find all GSDC 2013 related information here once available. 

Tournament dates: 9-12 MAY 2013

Registration period: 25 FEB - 10 APR 

Since only ten teams would have been able to attend this year's GSDC, we are very sorry to announce that it had to be cancelled due to lack of participation. We will work on trying to find more suitable options for more teams to take part in a major debating event at the end of the academic year and will hopefully come up with solutions that attract more teams again as of next year.

Our thanks go to LGH Schwäbisch Gmünd, MBG Backnang, AEG Böblingen and JKG Stuttgart who have offered to open their schools to host the event. 

Best regards,
Debating Society Germany e.V.

A mixed team consisting of speakers from two schools that both happen to be named Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium (Stuttgart and Leonberg) have won the first German Schools Debating Championship to be held in Berlin on 21st May 2012. In a very close and very high-levelled final debate on the motion "With the benefit of hindsight, this house regrets awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama" team "Kepler Mixed" defeated this year's Senior League South Champion from the Parler-Gymnasium, Schwäbisch Gmünd with a verdict of 4:3 judges' votes, the closest possible split decision.

As the proposing team, Kepler Mixed was able to convince the majority of the judges of their criteria that need to be met to reward the Nobel Peace Prize to laureates who have more concrete results to show than Barack Obama.

Congratulations go to all speakers and coaches from both teams!

Team "Kepler Mixed" after having received the GSDC Challenge Cup:
Khang On, Fabian Bickel, Luisa Balk, Thuy Giang Trinh, Esther