Canada Vancouver wins EurOpen 2012

In an exciting and amazingly high-levelled final debate between the delegations from Canada Vancouver, coached by Frankie Cena, and The Netherlands, coached by Eva Spoor, the opposing team from Canada has won the grand final and therefore this year's tournament by a split decision 4:3 on the motion "THBT the EU is a model for the world" on 9 NOV 2012. Speaking for the proposition were Amy Bakx, Joris Broeders and Roel Becker. Speaking for the opposition were Dena Tabyanian, Jamal Dumas and Alexander Beaumont. Congratulations to both teams for putting up a great debate that riveted all 200 visitors at the Kleiner Kursaal in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt to their seats!!!


The winning team from Canada Vancouver: Dena Tabyanian, Alexander Beaumont and Jamal Dumas
Other delegation speakers: Behbod Negahban, Anokh Dhillon 
Coach: Frankie Cena

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