EurOpen 2013

14 NOV 2013


 Team Canada East wins all-Canadian final against Canada West!


Motion: THW offer dictators immunity in return for leaving power (OPP)


 Team Canada East from left to right: Swarochish Goswami, Lloyd Lyall, Karl Valentini, Mattea Roach

Individual Ranking (Top 100/154, speaking three debates minimum)

Team Ranking

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Schedule 2013

Draw 2013 

VVS (Stuttgart transport authority) map with venues


Hostel accommodation information for teams CZE Red, CZE White, CZE Blue, CZE Four, HDS Sweden, Lithuania, Netherlands 1, Netherlands 2, Aci High School, Spice Girls 2.0

Hostel information 'Neckarpark' in Stuttgart - Bad Cannstatt 

Hostel webpage: Hostel 'Neckarpark' webpage

Nearby restaurants map (Bad Cannstatt)


Hostel accommodation information for all other teams and independent judges

Hostel information 'International' in Stuttgart (Haußmannstraße) 

Hostel webpage: Hostel 'International' (Haußmannstraße) webpage

Downtown (restaurants) map ('International')


Tours information (sign up on tournament SUN at MBG)

Monday tour info 'Ludwigsburg Palace' (€5 per person)

Tuesday tour info option 1 'State Gallery' (€0 for <21-year-olds, others are €7)

Tuesday tour info option 2 'Porsche Museum' (€0)

Tuesday tour info option 3 'Mercedes-Benz Museum' (€0)

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Visitor information (venues):

Friday, 8th NOV:

Schule in evangelischer Trägerschaft
Heidehofstraße 49/50
70184 Stuttgart

Saturday, 9th NOV:

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Böblingen
Zeppelinstraße 50, 71032 Böblingen

Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium Stuttgart
Daimlerstraße 8, 70372 Stuttgart

Bil-Schulen Stuttgart
Zuckerfabrik 7, 70376 Stuttgart

Sunday, 10th NOV:

Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang
Maubacher Straße 62, 71522 Backnang

Monday, 11th NOV (OF, QF)

Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Ludwigsburg
Kaiserstraße 14, 71636 Ludwigsburg

Tuesday, 12th NOV (Semi-finals at 13:45, Grand Final at 18:30)

Jugendherberge International Stuttgart
Haußmannstraße 27, 70188 Stuttgart

Grand Final (18.30):
Kleiner Kursaal Bad Cannstatt
Königsplatz 1, 70372 Stuttgart


EurOpen 2013 will take place from THU 7 - WED 13 NOV 2013.

See the final version of the schedule

Current team cap: 32 40



Opens 15th JUN, closes 22nd SEP 2013

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  • A: THW prohibit the sale of goods produced under conditions which harm the workers or put them at avoidable risk (Rds 2 and 7), Teams debate PROP and OPP
  • B: THBT the European Union did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize (Rds 4 and 8), Teams debate PROP and OPP



  • Team size is 3-7 speakers.
  • The nation cap is three teams per nation,four if vacancies allow.
  • The number of teams you bring must equal the number of judges.
  • We cannot fully predict the size of the local judges’ pool, so the teams with many judges will be preferred
  • Please note that inactive delegation members (non-speakers, non-coaches/judges) are required to sign up as observers.


Please contact your local, as well as the German authorities in your country for visa prerequisites. There is nothing we can't provide you with, but occasionally we may be unable to send it in time. Please let us therefore know as soon as possible what you need.See this list of countries that require entry visa and most likely an invitation letter from us. The link includes application forms as well. If you need an invitation letter, please leave dates of birth of your whole delegation in our registration form as well.


The transfers during the tournament will be organised by Debating Society Germany, however, collection for the transfers takes place from the youth hostel in Stuttgart. On most tournament days, teams will travel to different venues, so you may want to have as many adults (e.g. judges) as teams. Judges will be assigned to the teams. If you wish to arrange your accommodation privately, you may choose to participate without accommodation provided by us, as we cannot provide accommodation other than that indicated, but you will have to come to the departure point (hostel) for the transfers to the venues. If you plan to arrive earlier than November 7th or leave later than November 13th  and stay at the hostel, we can provide rooms for the extra night. However, you will need to cover the expense incurred (€25 per night per person).

FEE CATEGORIES (or download here):

Teams who need accommodation:

  • Standard (€180): Accommodation and transport railpass (possible discounts see below), includes breakfast and food at venues. Regrettably, we can't offer any dinner.
  • Extra night (€25): Any extra night preceeding or following the event is €25. The number you give us is the number of overnight stays (4 delegates for one night = 4 nights)
  • Observers (€300): Observer fee for delegation members who don't speak or judge


Teams who don't need accommodation:

  • Railpass only (€45): No accommodation needed / private accommodation, railpass needed to move between venues
  • No accomm./ no railpass (€20): Base fee for (most likely) local debaters who are not with a hosting school
  • Independent judges/host schools railpass (€25): Independent judges, judges not requiring accommodation and delegates from host schools attend for free but need to pay €25 if they need a railpass 
  • Host school (€0): Host school debaters and judges pay no registration fees
  • Judges (€0): Judges who don't require accommodation attend for free



Each team must bring one judge.

For teams that need accommodation, there is a possible discount if you bring more judges:

  • n+1= all judges pay €160 (not €180)
  • n+2= all judges pay €140 (not €180, lowest discount, even with more judges)

 n=number of teams per (national) delegation

Download fee overview and payment schedule here.

QUESTIONS OF ALL KINDS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Looking forward to seeing you in Stuttgart!
Debating Society Germany e.V.