EurOpen 2014

17 NOV 2014

Pakistan Sondhi wins 6:1 over Canada East.




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Confirmed Chief Adjudicators (CAs):

Beth James, Wales

After representing Wales at the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in 2002, Beth went on to become President and Director of Debate at Exeter University.  Beth is now an experienced international debate coach and judge and has served as the Chief Adjudicator at WSDC Dundee and Antalya as well as the EurAsian and Bratislava Schools Debating Championships. This will be Beth's second year adjudicating at EurOpen. Previously, Beth was the Competitions Officer at the English Speaking Union and Chair of the Wakes Debating Federation and is currently the Chair of the WSDC Executive Committee. Outside of debating, Beth lives in London and works as a political adviser for local government. 

Branislav Fecko, Slovakia

Brano has been around the debating world for longer than he'd care to admit, managing to use it as a platform to nourish his ability of talking too much. In 2002, he won the Slovak national final, proving to the world that boring judges to death is a viable strategy. He then proceeded to stick around, not only remaining active within the Slovak debating scene (being one of the people to set up debate methodology in Slovakia that’s used to this day, serving on the Supervisory Board of SDA and other mind-numbing tasks) and later on being the tab overlord, but also by infiltrating the international community as a trainer, judge, coach as well as a convener. 

Recently, he's been a CAP member for BSDC 2011-2014, ESDC 2013, ARGO 2013 and 2014, Prague Debate Spring 2014. He judged the WSDC finals in 2008, 2009, and 2013, went as a coach in 2011, and participated as a member of the CAP in 2009 and 2013. Currently, he's also part of the WSDC 2014 Executive committee and is steadfast in his commitment to talk everyone's ear off. 


Roel Becker, The Netherlands 

Judge of the semifinal (and chair judge) of the Dutch Nationals for university students 2014.
Chair of the semifinal of Europen 2013.
Chair judge at the Dutch Nationals for Highschool Students 2013.
Other than that, he is coach of the Dutch team since 2013.
WSDC 2014 judge in Thailand, appointed by Dutch Schools Debating
Motions for EurOpen 2014:
Motion A:
THBT national central banks should set limits on governmental spending

Motion B:
THBT the USA should enter a military alliance with Assad to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 

 Registered teams after Stage 1

CAN East
CAN West
CZE Blue
FAG Vaihingen/Enz
GBG Winnenden
GER Black
GER Gold
Heidehof Stuttgart
Hamburg Gold
Jerusalem 1
JKG Stuttgart
KG Stuttgart
LGH Schw. Gmünd
Masters 1 (IRL/GER)
MBG Backnang
NL 1
NL 2
Pakistan Sondhi
Patch HS Black
QTR Sens
QTR Illuminator
Romania (Pitic)
Russia MFA
Slovenia A
Slovenia B
St. Benno Dresden
Turkey FMV 1
Turkey KEL
Turkey ACI A
USA Blue

Waitlist teams (in that order):

Canada Central
Slovenia C
Netherlands 3
CZE White


See you (again) in Stuttgart!

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