EurOpen 2017

6 NOV 2017

EurOpen 2017
Schools Debating Championship
WSDC format

9-15 NOV 2017 (THU-WED)
Stuttgart, Germany


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EurOpen's coming home!

After the WSDC-related suspension in 2015 and the most amazing excursion to Hamburg in 2016, we are happy to welcome you back to Stuttgart in Germany's southwest for the first EurOpen in three years.

This is the information we can offer you so far.

See more in the invitation letter (7th JUN 2017)

Registration and payment procedures (7th JUN 2017)

Dates:                     9th – 15th NOVEMBER 2017

Location:                 Stuttgart, Germany


Format:                   WSDC

Rounds:                  8 prelims, OF, QF, SF, GF


Prepared motions for EurOpen 2017

Motion 1: THBT the EU should reform into a federalist state.

Motion 2: THBT the states should not celebrate nationally important historical figures involved in deeply immoral actions.

Motion 1 will be debated in round 1&2 (on both sides), motion 2 will be debated in rounds 7&8 (on both sides).

Rounds 1 and 2 will be randomly paired, rounds 3-8 will be power paired.

OF, QF, SF, F will be impromptu. 





Tabbing:                  Power Pairing

CAP:                        Confirmed: Miha Andric (SLN), Sebastian Kruse (GER), Anna England-Kerr (ENG)

Standard fee:           €220, includes all six nights, meals and socials (no increase since last year, one more night added), see more details below

Discounts:               Available for n+1 and n+2 judges who require accommodation (n=number of teams on delegation)

Team cap:               30 intl. teams, 10 DSG teams – Please limit to two teams per delegation, three only as exceptions. Unclaimed slots will be filled with international/DSG teams respectively.

Accommodation:       Youth Hostel “Jugendherberge International” in Stuttgart

Registration:            Stage 2 is currently open. You cannot enter Stage 2 data without having passed Stage 1

Contact us:              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conveners:              Christopher Sanchez, Klaus-Peter Heil 


Teas w/ accomm.: Enter Stage-2 details here

DSG teams (no accomm.): Enter Stage-2 details here

(Independent) Judges sign up here


 See you soon in Stuttgart!