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DSG Handbook "A Quick Introduction to Debating in Schools"

If you have found this page then we assume you are interested in opening or widening debating at your school or university. You can download the manual below which can be used as a reference for all levels of debating, from beginner to more established clubs. Enjoy!

Download DSG Manual

If you want to open debating at a university in either English or German, please contact VDCH.


PowerPoint presentations from teacher and debater workshops in Torino and Lago Maggiore, Italy, 2018 and 2019

Download Milan presentation 2018

Download Torino presentation 2019

PowerPoint presentation from trainee teacher workshop Lehrerseminar Stuttgart (Gymnasien) 8th/22nd OCT 2015 download

PowerPoint presentation from trainee teacher workshop Lehrerseminar Stuttgart (Gymnasien) 9th/23rd OCT 2014 download

PowerPoint presentation from workshop at Finnbrit association in Helsinki, Finnland on 07 and 08 FEB 2013 download
and in Hamburg on 26 OCT 2013 download

PowerPoint presentation from teacher workshop on 3 SEP 2012 in Berlin download

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